Thomas Hoyt, MD, First to Utilize Tele-Critical Care Consult

“It was an absolute honor to be involved with the first critical care consult on north campus. I’ve had similar collaborations in the past with the new ICU protocol at West County, and this felt very similar; like meeting an old friend in a new place.”

Thomas Hoyt, MD

Dr. Hoyt stated, “My consult involved a patient with poor respiratory drive at baseline coming in with COVID and tachycardia up to the 150s, otherwise stable on clinical exam. I felt comfortable having the patient on my service, though if they were to subsequently decompensate, I could nearly sniff a SEMS coming down the pipeline.

The critical care consult allowed me to quickly collaborate with our tele-ICU and provide me the leeway and support to maintain my patient on the floor, with them ultimately improving over the next several days. Overall, it was simple, easy, and all-around enjoyable. Though most importantly it prevented the use of a precious ICU bed. Join me and make a consult today.”

The Tele-Critical Care Consult (TC3) is a 24/7 optional resource for patients on 7900 that can evaluate and help co-manage borderline/deteriorating patients who may require critical care services or closer monitoring (severe sepsis, brisk GI bleed, severe AMS, Afib with RVR, etc.). We are excited to provide this resource for our patients going forward!