The Fight for a Cleaner Living Environment Continues

Quote from Pitterson in Haiti: “Hey guys, we don’t have the correct words to thank you!! The only words that we think we have is God bless you cause all of you worked like Giants to make this possible!!”

The “Hope for Soap” initiative is back in full swing as the hospitalist group gathers bars of Irish Spring soap to send as a relief effort to Haiti. This is the third year for the hospitalist group to sponsor the “Hope for Soap” initiative. Bars of Irish Spring soap are sent to Haiti communities that are living without clean water and missing basic essential items. Many Haitians have never experienced taking a shower or bath with clean water and soap. Last year the hospitalist group gathered and boxed up more than 1000 bars of soap. Local Haitians continue to pour out their gratitude for the support for their fight for a cleaner living environment.

“My children need water. So I dig! 150 feet down.”
March 2017- Arrival of 1176 bars of Irish Spring Soap in Haiti from the Division of Hospital Medicine

Irish Spring soap donations can be dropped off at the Division of Hospital Medicine office. Monetary donations are also welcomed and will be used to purchase Irish Spring soap. Collections will be made until March 9, 2018.