Geneva Guarin, MD

Geneva Guarin, MD

Instructor in Medicine

Geneva E. Guarin, MD, MBA, is a clinical Instructor in Medicine. She completed her Internal Medicine residency training at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in June 2023. Currently she serves in the BMT/Oncology committee. Her areas of interests include medical education, quality improvement projects, hematology and oncology research, and wellness in hospital medicine. She is passionate about lifelong learning and taking care of patients.


  • BS, Health Sciences: Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines (2013)
  • Medical Degree: Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health, Pasig City, Manila, Philippines (2018)
  • MBA: Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health, Pasig City, Manila, Philippines (2018)
  • Residency, Internal Medicine: Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2023)

Clinical/Research Interests

Hematology and oncology, disparities in cancer care, hospital medicine

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Chiang B, Jarrett SA, Manzano JMM, Musoke N, Guarin GE, Tito S, Lo KB, Dourado CM. Identifying Demographic and Social Factors in Lung Cancer: A Single Center Cross-Sectional Study. Chest. 2022 Oct;162(4):A1688.

Guarin GE, Dee EC, Robredo JPG, Eala MAB, Medina MF, Tanco KC. End-of-life care for Filipino patients with cancer. Palliat Support Care. 2022 Sep 28;21(2):1-5.

Pelayo J, Lo KB, Sultan S, Quintero E, Peterson E, Salacup G, Zanoria MA, Guarin G, Helfman B, Sanon J, Mathew R, Yazdanyar A, Navarro V, Pressman G, Rangaswami J. Invasive hemodynamic parameters in patients with hepatorenal syndrome. Int J Cardiol Heart Vasc. 2022 Aug 11;42:101094. PMCID: PMC9399284.

Guarin G, Lo KB, Bhargav R, Salacup G, Wattoo A, Coignet JG, DeJoy R, Azmaiparashvili Z, Patarroyo-Aponte G, Eiger G, Rangaswami J. Factors associated with hospital readmissions among patients with COVID-19: A single-center experience. J Med Virol. 2021 Sep;93(9):5582-5587. PMCID: PMC8242904.

Online Publications

Guarin GE, Dourado CM, Besa EC. Castleman Disease. [Internet]. Medscape. 2023 June 9. Available from

Guarin GE, Climaco AB, Bronze MS. Relapsing Fever. [Internet]. Medscape. 2021 Oct 13. Available from

Guarin GE, Dourado CM, Besa EC. Transfusion-Induced Iron Overload. [Internet]. Medscape. 2021 May 7. Available from

Abstracts and Presentations

Guarin GE, Silva AL, Climaco AB. A Rare Presentation of Mycobacterium masiliense infection in an Immunocompetent Female. Albert Einstein Medical Center Case Report Competition. 2023 Feb. ePoster Presentation.

Subramanian A, Manzano JM, Guarin GE. A Young Female with Fever, Pulmonary Infiltrates, and Pancytopenia. American College of Physicians Southeast Pennsylvania Chapter. 2022 Oct 22. Oral and Poster Presentation.

Guarin GE. A Case of Semi-Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis in a Young Female. Philadelphia City-Wide Infectious Disease Rounds. 2022 May 24. Oral Case Presentation.

Guarin GE. A Case of Myocarditis after the First Dose of an mRNA Vaccine. Albert Einstein Medical Center Case Report Competition. 2022 February 16. Oral and Poster Presentation.