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Leading the Patient Experience Effort for BJH- Dr. Caroline Kahle

Fellow hospitalist, Dr. Caroline Kahle, is leading the Patient Experience effort for Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Patient Experience has been identified as one of the priorities for the 2019-2023 BJH/BJWCH/WUSM Joint Clinical Strategic Plan. The joint clinical strategic plan is a five year plan that has joint goals, strategies, and tactics; all with a common vision to make Washington University in partnership with Barnes-Jewish Hospital a Vizient 5-star, top-ranked, healthcare leader of choice by operating in a culture of excellence and professionalism.

The goal of the Patient Experience task force is to define strategies and metrics to improve the BJH/BJWCH/WUSM patient experience. These strategies will drive a unique, seamless, and frictionless patient experience between BJH, BJWCH and WUSM that utilizes communication, collaboration, and innovation.  Dr. Kahle’s work thus far has focused on physician to physician communication and developing professional and communication standards for the consistent care of patients. She works closely with Jennifer Carron, MSOM, CPXP, Executive Director of Patient Experience at BJH.

“Whether it’s for patients or physicians, to be steadfast in our delivery of an excellent experience is one of the greatest challenges in the modern health care environment. We owe it to our patients and to each other to strengthen our culture through improved communication and professionalism.” – Dr. Caroline Kahle

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