Bob Mahoney, MD, awarded 2023 Friends of Social Work Award

Bob Mahoney, MD

Bob Mahoney, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, was selected as one of the recipients of the Friends of Social Work Award by the BJH social work team. The Friends of Social Work Award acknowledges non-social work staff members who assist in social work. It not only celebrates Social Work Month, but it also recognizes the collaboration with social workers to provide extraordinary care to patients and families.

“Dr. Mahoney is one of our physician advisors and someone I reach out to often for support. He is always willing to talk through a complicated case, provide ideas for feedback, and discuss with the physician caring for the patient to ensure a plan is established,” shares Kelli Zenner, BJC Social Worker Supervisor. “Dr. Mahoney is a huge advocate for our department and is always seeking out ways he can work with other physicians to improve our relationships and collaborate on cases. Recently, Dr. Mahoney reached out to several physicians to explain the importance of updating progress notes to remove outdated phrases and barriers to placement, such as restraints, sitters, medications, or certain behaviors. He also encouraged the case managers and social workers to provide this feedback to physicians if their notes are outdated and offered his support around continued education. Dr. Mahoney is a friend of SW!”

Dr. Mahoney accepted the award on March 15, 2023.