BJWCH Chief of Staff, Elect – Adam Littich, MD

Adam Littich, MD

Adam Littich, who is currently the Medical Director of the BJWCH hospitalist service, has been elected by the medical staff of Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital to the position of Chief of Staff, Elect.  His term as Chief of Staff starts on 1/1/24; until then he will act as the backup Chief of Staff.  He previously served as the Treasurer/Secretary of the medical staff at BJWCH.

The Chief of Staff at BJWCH is the head of the entire medical staff.  The Chief of Staff is responsible for providing leadership and guidance to the medical staff, via the medical staff office.  The Chief of Staff also acts as a liaison between the medical staff and the hospital administration.  Responsibilities include acting as Chairman of the Medical Executive Committee, which is the main oversight committee for the hospital.  Further responsibilities include a role on the Credentials Committee, where the Chief reviews and signs off on all hospital privilege requests.  Finally, the Chief of Staff is responsible for review and update of the bylaws of the medical staff, as well as ensuring compliance with the bylaws by members of the medical staff.