BJH Foundation Grant funds the expansion of the SQuID protocol – Margo Girardi, MD

Margo Girardi, MD

Margo Girardi, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine and Medical Director of Med-1 Firm, was awarded a grant from the Barnes-Jewish Hospital Foundation to expand the Subcutaneous Insulin protocols for Diabetic Ketoacidosis from the 3500-observation unit to the inpatient medicine floor. The title of this project is SQuID-eee (Subcutaneous Insulin for Diabetic Ketoacidosis: Expansion, Experience and Equity) and is a collaboration with Principal investigator and ED physician, Dr. Richard Griffey. 

The goal of this project is the expansion of the SQuID protocol to additional medical beds allowing us to expand inclusion criteria to care for DKA patients with more complex coexisting disease in a non-ICU setting.  It will also enhance data gathering to include real-time collection of clinical, operational and safety variables. In addition, this new project will focus on the patient’s social determinants of health and how this impacts their diabetes care and connect these patients with inpatient social work consultation and available SDOH resources. Finally, this project will assess patient and provider satisfaction with the protocol itself.

The original work done with SQuID on the observation unit recently garnered a publication in the Academic Emergency Medicine Journal in February of this year. 

Access the article here.