2021 General Internal Medicine Teachers of the Year – Dennis Chang, MD and Carol Faulk, MD

Dennis Chang, MD (left) Carol Faulk, MD
Dennis Chang, MD (left) and Carol Faulk, MD

The teacher of the year award for inpatient medicine is an award selected by the Internal Medicine residents.  All internal medicine residents are invited to submit 2 names of the top teachers on inpatient medicine from the attendings in the Divisions of General Medicine and Hospital Medicine.  The two attendings who receive the most nominations win the award.  The awards are presented each year at the Senior Celebration.

The Division of Hospital Medicine proudly announces that Dennis Chang, MD and Carol Faulk, MD, were the 2 recipients of this year’s prestigious award. Dr. Chang is a back to back recipient of the teacher of the year award.

I feel fortunate to be able to teach such amazing residents.  They are all so incredibly smart and hard-working and being able to work with them is the best part of my job.

Carol Faulk, MD