2021 Academy of Educators Honor Roll Awardees – Dennis Chang, MD and Mark Thoelke, MD

Dennis Chang, MD and Mark Thoelke, MD (l-r)

Please extend a warm congratulations to Dennis Chang, MD and Mark Thoelke, MD, recipients of the 2021 Honor Roll Award for the Academy of Educators. The Academy of Educators at Washington University School of Medicine try to foster a collaboration of ideas and knowledge to further the scholarly interests of the university. Members of the Academy encourage and recognize innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment. The Academy provides mentorship and faculty development as well as provide support for faculty research and scholarships.

The Honor Roll Award recognizes current Washington University faculty members making exemplary contributions to education.

I’m humbled to be recognized with all these wonderful educators for doing something I love to do.

Dennis Chang, MD

I appreciate the recognition and I expect that many of our faculty will be added to this list in the future.

Mark Thoelke, MD