Gina LaRossa, MD

Gina LaRossa, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

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  • BS, Electrical Engineering: Yale University, New Haven, CT (2001)
  • Medical Degree: Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO (2007)
  • Residency, Internal Medicine: Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, MO (2010)

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Internal Medicine

Clinical Interests

Hospital medicine, inpatient care


Journal Articles:

Picker D, Heard K, Bailey T, Martin NR, LaRossa GN, Kollef MH. The number of discharge medications predicts thirty-day hospital readmission. BMC Health Serv Res 2015.15:282.

Kollef MH, Chen Y, Heard K, LaRossa GN, Lu C, Martin NR, Martin N, Micek, ST, Bailey T. A randomized trial of real-time automated clinical deterioration alerts sent to a rapid response team. J Hosp Med 2014. 9(7):424-9.

Mintun MA, LaRossa GN, Sheline YI, Dence CS, Lee SY, Mach RH, Klunk WE, Mathis CA, DeKosky ST, Morris JC. [11C]PIB in nondemented population: potential antecedent marker of Alzheimer disease. Neurology 2006. 67(3):446-52.

Fagan AM, Mintun MA, Mach RH, Lee SY, Dence CS, Shah AR, LaRossa GN, Spinner ML, Klunk WE, Mathis CA, Dekosky ST, Morris JC, Holtzman DM. Inverse relation between in vivo amyloid imaging load and cerebrospinal fluid Abeta(42) in humans. Ann Neurol 2005. 59(3):512-9.

Buckner RL, Snyder AZ, Shannon BJ, LaRossa G, Sachs R, Fotenos AF, Sheline YI, Klunk WE, Mathis CA, Morris JC, Mintun MA. Molecular, structural and functional characterization of Alzheimer’s disease: evidence for a relationship between default activity, amyloid and memory. J Neurosci 2005. 25(34):7709-17.

Pentland AP, Scott G, VanBuskirk J, Tanck C, LaRossa G, Brouxhon, S. Cyclooxygenase-1 depletion enhances apoptosis but does not protect against ultraviolet light-induced tumors. Cancer Res 2004 64(16):5587-91.

Invited Publications:

Kahle C, LaRossa G. General Consultative Principles in T. Cielsielski (Ed): Washington Manual of General Internal Medicine. Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins, 2016.

Knoche E, LaRossa G, Sateia H, De Fer TM (eds). The Washington Manual Intern Survival Guide, 4th ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2013.

Abstracts, Poster Presentation

Martin NR, LaRossa GN, Kollef MH, Chen Y, Heard K, Lu C, Martin N, Micek ST, Bailey T. A randomized trial of real-time automatic clinical deterioration alerts sent to an acute care team. Society for Hospital Medicine Annual Meeting 2014.