Newly elected fellows in the Academy of Educators – Eileen Lee, MD and Carol Faulk, MD

Eileen Lee, MD and Carol Faulk, MD

Two assistant professors in the Division of Hospital Medicine, Eileen Lee, MD, and Carol Faulk, MD, were recently selected to be new fellows in the Washington University School of Medicine’s Academy of Educators.  This achievement recognizes both their significant contributions to-date to medical education at the School of Medicine and their continuing roles as central contributors to the School’s educational mission. 

Dr. Lee is a member of the Division of Hospital Medicine’s Faculty Development Committee and helps create educational content for members of the Division.  She also provides resources and guidance for hospitalists interested in pursuing the Division’s medical education career track, and she created the Division’s Peer Observation of Teaching Program, which enables faculty to collaborate in order to improve their teaching skills.  She also specializes in communication skills education and runs a session on motivational interviewing for the Internal Medicine Clerkship. 

Dr. Faulk is co-director of the Internal Medicine Advanced Clinical Rotation, a mandatory rotation for all Phase Three medical students completing the Gateway Curriculum.  She also serves as Director of Resident Well-Being for Internal Medicine Residency Program.

The Academy of Educators is an institutional collaboration of leaders in health science education that fosters a culture of educational excellence.  It serves as the faculty development division of the Office of Education and offers programs, workshops, grants, and awards that support educators’ continued skill development and professional growth.  Appointment to the Academy is a rigorous process which requires application, letters of support, and a detailed review of the faculty member’s CV and supporting documentation by three peer reviewers (two internal and one external) using specific standards and membership criteria.  Candidates must also be approved by consensus of the Academy’s Membership Subcommittee.  Being selected is therefore considered a significant milestone in the career of a Washington University medical educator.

Drs. Lee and Faulk were recognized at an induction ceremony on October 11 which capped off Education Day, the Academy’s biggest annual event.  Their addition to the Academy’s ranks mark the second and third time members of the Division of Hospital Medicine have been recognized as prominent members of the Washington University medical education community; Associate Professor Dennis Chang, MD, was inducted into the Academy of Educators in 2019.