Happy National Nurse Practitioner Week

National Nurse Practitioner Week (NP Week) is November 13-19, 2022. This annual celebration recognizes the incredible contributions of NP Professionals. This year, the theme for NP Week is “Rising to Meet the Needs of Patients.” More than 355,000 NPs are licensed to practice in the United States and continuously bring vital solutions to patients in all community settings.

So honored to work with all of our division’s nurse practitioners and to celebrate NP week with them!

Robert J. Mahoney, MD
From left are Cynthia Brown, NP; Jen Feldmann, NP; Lisa Gill, NP; Brenna Moss, NP; Holly Perry, NP; Cheryl Reinarman, NP; Jen Rickert, NP; Carla Robinson-Rainey, NP; Tiffany Skurtu, NP; Jackie Stutz, NP; Evie Thomas, NP
  • Cynthia Brown, NP
  • Jen Feldmann, NP
  • Lisa Gill, NP
  • Brenna Moss, NP
  • Holly Perry, NP
  • Cheryl Reinarman, NP
  • Jen Rickert, NP
  • Carla Robinson-Rainey, NP
  • Tiffany Skurtu, NP
  • Jackie Stutz, NP
  • Evie Thomas, NP

Please join the division this week in recognizing the wonderful nurse practitioners in our group.

Thank you to our terrific NPs!